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RU Tech Savvy?

RUWebby has years of combined technological experience coupled with the desire to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible, so if you don't know HTML from a duck, we're here to guide you all the way.

The Process

We offer a choice of designs, including suggested content, for your approval.

When the final design has been approved, we begin the tough stuff. We integrate content, and perform browser, platform and content checks. Then we conduct bug checks and broken links checks. We upload the site to a testing stage where you can view it and also contribute to its progress.

We're flexible

We recognize that project objectives sometimes change after the initial project development stage and we'll work with you achieve the final goal, no matter what it is. We're with you all the way.

When your website complies with project objectives and has passed all checks, we get your final approval and launch the live site. Then, we stand behind our product to insure your satisfaction.

The Technologies

The following is a list of technologies that we use to develop your website. They are things that we have to think about, and that you never need to worry about, because we know how to use them.

Flash Animation
In addition, we use these Graphic Design tools: 

Adobe Photoshop   
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Image Ready
Adobe LiveMotion
Macromedia Flash