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Small Businesses

Content Management isn't only for the big guns ...

Small business owners are a special segment of the population. They risk their livelihoods to build their businesses and there usually aren't any safety nets. RUWebby understand this since we are a small business as well.  We've engineered our software to be extremely stable, which helps keep our support costs low.  We've designed our content managment service, Moptif, to work well on our servers and with our chosen database provider. Small businesses may not want to own their own server or go through the expense of a fully licensed and owned piece of software, so we've made entry level very affordable and easy.  RUWebby also made Motif flexible, because we know that your business has different needs than ours.

Motif gives small businesses a powerful system for managing their web sites and their businesses. 

With Motif you can:

Add additional users as your business grows
Use your unique web design 
Contain costs of web site ownership 
Add pages and navigation items without a designer

RUWebby's Motif works for small business.  Let us show you how, businessperson to businessperson.