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In Depth Look - IT-IQ Global Ltd.

IT-IQ Global LtdITIQ was founded in London, UK in 1994 with the focus on helping their clients find affordable, intelligent and effective methods of achieving their business goals through marketing and good communications using information management and new technologies.
The Directors came together from a real diversity of backgrounds, ranging from agency design, software, Internet development, the finance sector, marketing and printed communications.  They all wanted to be involved in a business that worked with clients, rather than for them.

ITIQ recognised the benefits and opportunities that new technology could bring to helping clients do business but they also recognised that many people were still uncertain of just how to use personalised marketing, on line viral marketing, information management and multi media to their advantage.

IT-IQ is first and foremost, a business built around relationships.  They work together with their clients so they can make the most out of their knowledge and experience to help their clients achieve the things they want from their business goals.

CPI LondonTogether with IT-IQ's separate sister company, CPI London, clients get a well rounded and fully supportive team to help them achieve growth and be successful.CPI London is one of the largest printers in london.