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Case Study -
Client: The BirchwoodGroup LLC

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The Challenge

To develop a system that enabled their clients as well as themselves to manage site content easily and affordably.

The Solution

We developed a content management system with many different modules and features to accomodate their broad range of clients.

Web Site Design

The goal of the design of the "Back Office" was to keep usability as high as possible. Many of their users do not know any HTML or scripting of any kind, so they need to be able to login, access their web pages and edit their content.

The resulting system is easy to use, the pages load quickly, and the "look and feel" is pleasing and inviting. 

The large amount of content is carefully organized and there is an administrative menu that contains links to all areas of that are editable as well as a user manual to different portions of the "Back Office".


RUWebby manages TBG's dedicated server and provides technical support. We also perform site updates and changes and give counsel on issues and ideas from a technology point-of-view. We welcome any user feedback and to that extent the client has access to a support message board where we collaborate and share ideas for upgrades to the system.

The Result

The results of our accomplishment are significant:

  • TBG now has a complete content management at their disposal to manage and keep all of their sites and their client's sites updated and current.
  • It now takes less time from design to implementation to launch new sites as the process is streamlined and efficient.
  • When upgrades are needed, all application are modulars, therefore increasing the scalability of any website on the system.
  • TBG and their clients find the system easy to use.

The Bottom Line

UpdateOnTheNet empowers it's owners to accomplish more in a shorter timeframe, realizing more ROI.