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Case Study -
Client: Gregor Smith

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The Challenge

To host and maintain a regularly updated weblog of one of our team members that generates medium volume traffic per month.

The Solution

We worked in close contact with the client throughout the setup process to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible, this also set the blueprint for future blog hosting packages.

Web Site Design

The main goal of the design process was to make a simple, yet usable interface for readers to navigate their way through the weblog and it's archives. The site has already been through numerous facelifts over the years and still looks as fresh today as it ever has. It is also valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (mostly) and validated CSS as per the clients requirements.


RUWebby manages the server Scam City resides on, and is at hand for any technical assistance as and when required through our in-house weblog expert.

The Result

The results of our accomplishment are significant:

  • Fast and effective delivery of content.
  • We are able to withstand days of high volume traffic without any noticable slowdown.
  • Seamless Integration with numerous CMS systems (ScamCity uses WordPress 1.5 for the main weblog and EUWDPCpix for the extensive photo gallery).

The Bottom Line

Scam City is able to continuously deliver content to a solid foundation of regular readers via the main weblog site and also via RSS feeds.