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In Depth look - The Birchwood Group

Internet Meeting Solutions

Virtually any type of meeting ordinarily held in person can be conducted on the web. Participants join in from their desktops and attend a program from anywhere in the world!

The Birchwood Group, experienced producers in the conventional meeting, video and trade show business, saw a need for more comprehensive communications vehicles as this Internet marketplace evolved. 

Combining their knowledge in the meetings and event businesses with the software and programming expertise of RUWebby, they developed Meetings On-the-Net TM and Update On-the-Net internet services … integrating web based communications tools and private communications websites, for online events, seminars, web casts, and educational programs.

UpdateOnTheNet LogoUpdate On-the-Net

Utilizing their Update On-the-Net system, Birchwood can create customized private web communications portals for the facilitation and administration of Internet programs. These web portals become a single area to promote a client's message, conduct an event, and follow up with attendees.
Online registration and secure login are just part of the modular design that also offers custom surveys, custom graphics for sponsor identification, private scheduling areas, personalized user areas, polling and more. With Update On-the-Net's simple add-on modules clients can add these relevant content vehicles as needed.

This concept helps keep audiences interested and informed with the full featured system that allows clients to make changes simply and cost effectively in real time.

MeetingsOnTheNet LogoMeetings On-the-Net TM

In addition, the Meetings On-the-Net TM suite of Internet communications services, can be utilized and tracked through a client's website.  By enabling these specialized modules within the Update On-the-Net back end services, audience's can access the Present On-the-Net live meeting services, Broadcast On-the-Net streaming web cast programs, and Forum On-the-Net interactive message board communities.

Through The Birchwood Group's professional association with RUWebby, they have been able to develop these integrated web services to provide clients and subsequently their audiences, with comprehensive, easy to use, cost effective Internet communications vehicles.  RUWebby's programming expertise, attention to detail, exceptional service and innovative conceptualizations have been key in bringing these specialized services to the Internet meetings marketplace.

Case Study

Recently, for Covance Development, The Birchwood Group utilized these solutions to facilitate an Internet Sales update for over 150 participants. Due to their success at the half year benchmark, the Covance executive team wanted to bring the sales force together to motivate them to exceed their numbers and win a trip to Cancun in February! 

Utilizing already existing web services, combined with The Birchwood Group's Events Management Team, they were able to shorten the lead time for Covance's Global Sales Meeting to less than 30 days! This facilitated the immediacy needed for this important team communication. 

Housed on the Update On-the-Net platform, Covance was able to use a custom web communications portal as the interactive venue within days of the decision to do the event. Themed graphics were created for the welcome page, a photo gallery of previous events was added, an update of the information regarding the sales initiative and rewards was drafted, an online quiz with a monetary reward for the first 10 completed correctly, and an exit survey to gather feedback were all placed on this private web communications portal. 

PresentOnTheNet LogoThen, on the day of the meeting, from this private web portal, Covance's team accessed the LIVE event using our integrated  Present On-the-Net internet conferencing service, one of the platforms within the Meetings On-the-Net TM offerings. 

The Birchwood Group's Events Management Team began Covance's program  with an opening photo collage recapping the fun time from their previous International Sales meeting.  Next, a multi-faceted presentation including over 10 speakers from Covance-- located all over the world. This live Internet program facilitated a content rich agenda including a message from the CEO and CFO, an update on the sales figures, four case studies from leading sales teams, a review of the sales incentive destinations and concluded with a motivational call to action!

All  accomplished in 90 minutes with no travel expenses incurred!

For program follow-up, Birchwood utilized their Broadcast On-the-Net web cast service to post the Covance program on their private web portal within hours. This allowed people who were unavailable for the live meeting to view the event and access the additional information. 

MedForumOnTheNet LogoThey also enabled the Forum On-the-Net private message board, for ongoing communications for Covance's team.  This is another interactive communications tool offered through Meetings On-the-Net TM. Here, on an ongoing basis, questions can be posted for experts, FAQ's can be listed, updated information can be released …   all in one place for dissemination to the targeted audience.

Wrap Up

With The Birchwood Group as your partner, experience the diverse perspectives, debate, laughter and respect that lead to great insights and greater heights. Make use of their professional planning and team interaction methods. Utilize the participant friendly, modular communications tools to reach your marketplace simply and cost effectively.

Let The Birchwood Group's longstanding meetings and marketing expertise work for you … Meetings On-the-Net TM.

Arrow's Case Study
Arrow's Case Study